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There are a lot of publishers right out there. Still wondering why should I choose Debo Leer... Here are the answers

Affordable Price!
Affordable price, it means you'll be charged less than other publishers. Under the same price, you will get author copies according to the selected plan.
Let the whole world read your book.
You'll get the chance to publish your book in both National and International markets along with e-book.
New to writing?
We give an opportunity to the budding writers (no matter if new) to showcase their talent to the mass. In case you find any difficulty, our Authors Support Group is even there to help you out.
Contact without hesitation.
You can approach us anytime, regarding anything related to publishing. You can DM us with the help of social media handles listed in the footer section of our website. You can even mail us at

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People who cannot write a full- fledged novel should start their writing career with a good anthology. choose any anthology as per your interests & writing style and participate with your writings. Deboleer introduces the readers to the budding writers with the best peice of their writings in the form of an anthology and also give the attractive benefits to the author to rise in front of the mass.

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Scholar's Ink Pot by Satavisha Mishra Letters Blue and Pink by Debasrita Das

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Authors Support Group

Are you ready to finish writing your book? Have you been looking for a community of authors to support you?
Join DEBOLEER's authors support group and gain experience with the experienced writers of DEBOLEER. The mass need your words to read now, more than ever.
Most of the writing courses will charge you money for the links, resources and videos they provide for learning but here you learn from our existing authors, editors and publishers and also get a platform to publish your own book. You will learn here that how to write? What to write? Where to write? You will get a friendly environment to learn. The most of the time we spent on Facebook, Instagram and Netflix but now it's time grab the opportunity and rise. Join DEBOLEER and make your writing career bright with us!

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  • Proof Reading / Formatting
  • Cover Design
  • 24/7 Author Support
  • Unlimited Stocks
  • 5 Author Copies
  • 45% Royalty
  • Writer's Kit



  • Proof Reading / Formatting
  • Premium Cover Design
  • 24/7 Author Support
  • Unlimited Stocks
  • 10 Author Copies
  • 70% Royalty
  • Writer's Kit

Self Publishing/Anthologies


  • Proof Reading / Formatting
  • Cover Design
  • 24/7 Author Support
  • On Demand Printing
  • 3 Author Copies
  • 25% Royalty
  • Writer's Kit

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The Novice Narratives book

About Author

Nayani Shukla

Nayani Shukla, nominated as one of the finest candidates at girls battalion from central India by National Cadet Corporation 2014 -16. Since 2015 she has been a popular guest teacher at various village level educational institutes, working as a free educator for the unprivileged and undervalued areas of India, where she has presented thought experiments as a tool for ideal lifestyle design and world change.

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