Founder of Debo Leer


Mr. Chinmaya Shakti Prasad Das

Debo Leer is the most trusted publishing house which creates awareness of books to the mass and also to nourish the budding writers. Its vision is to fulfil the dreams of the budding writers and create them bestsellers in every major category on Amazon and other marketing platform helped literary personality find their voices all over the country.

It's a platform for blooming writers to enhance their writing skills and to brush their talent. Debo Leer is managed by Chinmay Shakti Prasad Das, a young entrepreneur. His love for writing plunges him to create this platform which is instrumental in inspiring and shaping the dreams of aspiring writers.

Co-Founder of Debo Leer


Mr. Sthita Pragyan Saudagar Jena

Debo Leer, being an emerging writing community, where we hunt for budding writers. It's an immense pleasure to be a part of this community. A writing community, which you can rely upon to publish your books.

Sthita Pragyan Saudagar Jena, a writer and a traveller and Founder along with Chinmaya Shakti Prasad Das. Both of them share a good rapport with each other.

In short,
We add wings to your creativity.

Marketing Specialist at Debo Leer

Marketing Specialist

Mr. Surjeet Sahu

Hello readers,

I am Surjeet Sahu. Really grateful to be member of this team. Deboleer is not just a publishing house but moreover a community to exchange ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Here Service before Self has remained our topmost priority. We admire your creativity and thus request you to provide us with an opportunity to serve you.

Web Developer at Debo Leer

Web Developer

Mr. Sumit Sudama Pandey

Today, in the era of technology, we have overlooked the importance of books in our life. Ardent readers from all over the world are thus invited to support our publishing house so that we can grow more and present some of the most impressive and astonishing work in front of the world. We, at Debo Leer always ensure that our books are up to the mark and our readers are satisfied with that.

Appreciations from our beloved readers always inspire us to keep up this good work whereas recommendations are taken into consideration and are incorporated in the best manner possible.

Marketing Consultant at Debo Leer

Marketing Consultant

Mr. Ravi Shankar Das

Hey people! I am Ravi Shankar Das, I am pursuing IMBA from BJB A. College. Although I am not a writer but I love to read stories and poetries. I also love to explore things which come across my way.

Deboleer is an organisation which aims at encouraging the struggling writers by bringing them into spotlight. In ghe era of rapidly enhancing technology Deboleer aims at publishing books at both online and printed mode. As we all know the proverb that a pen is mightier than a sword so we aim at creating an era of writers.

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